Live A Good Story

Happy April Fool`s Day!

Happy Anniversary to Grandma and Pappy!

   We were broke but wanted to get married. We tried to think of something creative so that we would always consider our broke wedding as a happy experience and not focus on the things we could not afford or that we could not have in general.

   What can we do that makes a good story? That is what it all boiled down to for us. We knew that people would ask; and what would we be saying? How exactly did we feel about our circumstances? I have heard many wedding stories that had bits of sadness mixed in because it rained, or the brothers got into a fight, or something else unexpected happened. The saddest stories we heard were the ones that focused on the things people didn`t have. They went to the courthouse on their way to work and then moved in together that afternoon. They could not afford rings, and always wanted rings but it just never happened.  I remember one where an old man I worked for said that on his wedding day all they had was nine cans of tuna fish and a tiny one-room house they received as a gift from their parents.

   We didn`t have a house. Nobody was lining up to give us anything either. We thought hard and decided that we needed to create a story that made us a smile. Better yet., a story that made us laugh. So, we were married on April Fool`s Day in the garden at Ripley`s Believe It or Not museum in St. Augustine, Florida. It was glorious. Regular clothes, nobody but the kids in attendance. Then we went to the beach for a picnic. Seagulls everywhere. Years later my son revealed that the seagulls had frightened him that day. Otherwise, it was a really nice day at the beach.

    The plan was to have as much fun as possible. It also gave us a grand excuse to be silly and play. This way we would never forget and always be planning activities for our wedding anniversary. Pranks galore! It had to start small. Every year we tried to top what we did to each other the year before. There are rules we made way back in the beginning. We must always treat each other with respect, nothing cannot affect our job or getting to work or school on time, we cannot hurt anyone, and nobody touches anyone`s food. Then it was on! There were some really epic pranks:

-Grandma made a sign and stashed it in the trunk. Getting in the car after work the sign went onto the back of the car with magnets. It said- It`s April Fool`s Day! Please Honk and Yell “Hi Pappy!” He does not know about the sign-Thanks to the entire town for playing along as we took the long way home. Best ride home EVER.

-Or how about koolaid in the shower head? Classic! Wait until the shower is dry and unscrew the shower head and dump in a few packets of unsweetened dry red or purple koolaid mix.

-Pour glitter or confetti on your sleeping partner.

-Then there`s learning your partners habits-as in how they fold their laundry-so you can sew all of their underwear together! Then when they pick up one pair they come out in a line like they are attached to a clothesline!

-The time Grandma put live crickets in Pappy`s car…. they sang for weeks! (Don`t forget that nobody can be late to work or school!)

-We drew mustaches on the kids with a permanent marker…. we managed to get most of it off in time for school.

-If your target kid has a bedroom door that opens into the room then wait until they go to sleep. Tape newspaper pages to the outside of the door with one long edge on the door and the other long edge on the door frame so it makes a V against the door. Tape newspapers from the floor to the top of the door. Gently fill the V with balloons and shredded paper. This way when the target wakes up and opens the door, they will get balloons and shredded paper in their face.

   There are so many more. We always followed our rules then we laughed and laughed. The most expensive thing we have done was for our tenth wedding anniversary we took a fencing class. Sword fighting! Why not?

   We are proud to tell our story. It is a happy one full of love, and life, and hope, and fun. I wish everyone could have such a happy story. If you have nothing else in the world but time, then live a good story! Do not just sit there! Go for a walk…Better yet, go for a hike!  To the lake or the museum or downtown or anywhere but sitting there. Watch the sun set or rise! Make the most of every moment. Find something that makes you smile today. Then when you tell the story it will be a happy one.

-One last thing… Precious and Dimples were married in a waterfall! That`s a really good story.

Peace Out

Grandma and Pappy

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