……..And welcome to our existence . So here we are… Living the dream in American Town USA. We celebrate life here. Sometimes the content is NSFW! It has been a long road to get here; full of big hills, winding curves,  roadblocks and detours. We’ve been here through multiple hurricanes (who shall all remain nameless) snowstorms of epic proportions; terrorist attacks and the military response (Threatcon Delta on September 11th 2001); we survived autism, ADHD,  anxiety and arthritis, physical and mental abuse, rape and it’s aftermath; the worst public school experiences possible; arrest records and lawyers and the false accusations that went with them; homelessness; unemployment and jobs from hell; drug addiction, recovery, overdoses and the loss of several people that  left us way too soon. We all have PTSD because the monsters in our nightmares are REAL. We drink, laugh, cry, fight, misunderstand, jump to conclusions, say stupid things, and we try to do it together. Have a seat! Stay a while. Come on in for a glass of tea. Or wine. Or rum. Nevermind, just get me one while you are up…..


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