Spillin` Tea with The Assorted Cheese Platter

Well, it is finally out!

The long-awaited release of Screwball Kitchen`s first book. 

A joke book, that is!

On top of maintaining gainful employment and taking care of our wild Screwballs, we decided to take up book writing because we had a few spare minutes every few days. *sigh* Of course we overestimated just how much spare time we would have. It is like an alarm goes off and alerts the Screwballs that we are resting. They definitely keep us busy!

Anyway, we mustered up some motivation and started scribbling. Basically, it is a gossip game that you can play in any workplace environment. We have been talking about it for years. We finally finished writing it down and found an illustrator and now it is available on Amazon. The idea came from a word game we always played at work with co-workers to make our days at work be a bit lighter. We have played for over 20 years, so we have lots of practice, yet it never gets old! This way we can talk about people without having to hide. Anyone can listen and they do not know who we are talking about. It is sort of like a code, but more fun. So, we had to navigate the self-publishing world and stumble around to get things done. There is definitely a learning curve. So, we dove in and even with all of the mistakes we did make, we are still pretty proud of ourselves! We make our living doing things that keep us outdoors part of the time and in a kitchen the rest of the time. Rarely do we spend much time in front of a computer.

So, this was our “first barbeque” but we had a good time. Now we are working on a cookbook, because why not?

We hope you take the time to read out short and silly joke/game book.  Brighten your workday!

Peace Out.

Pappy & Grandma